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This website is developed by Yasin Gelma ( student of  Management at Arsi University who starts his study from 2016. Arsi University is Greatest and top 10 Univeristy in Ethiopia ( read more about Arsi University )
Yasin Gelma was born in Oromia, Arsi zone Guna wereda near Gugu Mountain ( mountain which 2nd longest in Arsi Zone next to Chilalo Mountain which located around Asella town ( capital of Arsi Zone)) in June 6, 1997. He born from his fther Gelma Geda and his Mother Misra Hashim.

As he was 4years old he enter Religional Education in Madrasatul Re’i (Re’i school in Arabic language) this school is Established by Turkey  Organization CDA ( Charity and Development Association).

He was more successful in his education and more creative minded and he was more liked by his teachers and CDA administration as well than other students. Because of this CDA wishes to transfer Yasin Gelma to other school which is more advanced than the Re’i. That school is called Selam Academic school  located in Adama city. That school also Owned by CDA an d it is differ from Re’i by its aspects from only religional to other Education like sciences and language. Yasin’s success continued untill he was  finished his primary school (1-5) and he was go backed to Re’i to his family land.

In 2008 he started his Education from grade 6 and finished his Elementary school (5-8) and he scored Greatest point in his Ministry Examination and he was passed to Grade nine of Abajema 2ndary school in 2013. But he was unlabelled to finished his class and he was dropped from the school and go backed to other works( the reason for dropping from school is not want to be written).
In 2014 he go backed to his education and starts again his grade nine education. He was finished  successfully his grade nine and Score Best point in Grade 10 General Secondary school Examination and Entered to Abajema Preparatory school in 2014 and he finished successfully.
In 2016 he was gone to Arsi University and started studying Management. University life was open the creativity door for Yasin Gelma he starts creating any blog and accounts in that University during his rest time outside reading time. He was create this website when he was 2ndyear student in Arsi University.

Dear visitors this all about Developer Yasn Gelma at Yasin Templates. Yasin Gelma now studing his frist degree education in Arsi University 2ndyear 2nd sem.

Now you can contact Yasin Gelma via contact forms written on other page of this website click here to call.
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